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If you are among those of us who think a great burger is the perfect meal, then Tookie's is the place you want to eat.  We still serve the same burgers declared in 2008 to be among the best in Texas and for that matter in America. (Check out our history on this site).

Our super sized beef patties made fresh daily, fresh cut locally grown produce and our classic menu with over 30 years of proven customer satisfaction had our Bay Area locals longing for our restoration after the 2008 Hurricane Ike damage.  With restoration now complete, we are back with the same great menu and vintage decor along with a completely new kitchen, larger restrooms, a full bar in the back and added patio dining.

So you're not a burger fan???  Come on in anyway and join the fun in our vintage 70s setting.  Our menu includes grilled chicken for either sandwich or salad and fish just for you. Or you can try our new Turkey Burger and help us decide whether to add it permanently to the menu.

Bringing your kiddos with you?  We've got a special menu just for them with plenty of options.


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