Who are the Tookies?  Who is Mr. Tookie?  Is there a Mrs. Tookie?  How did Tookies get its name?   Well... years ago, before the early 1970s, you could go into a local drug store, sit on a stool at the soda fountain or a table in a very small dining area and order a light meal, ice cream, fountain drink or sometimes even a piece of homemade pie.   In addition to really good fresh cooked food, the experience had a local hometown friendly ambience about it, even if that little drug store was located downtown in one of the larger cities.  When Tookies was originally founded in 1975 the founder wanted it to have the same feel as the old Tooker Brothers drugstore he remembered from a small town in Texas and that is how he came up with the name.   Of course Tookies is not a drug store and there is a lot more dining area than in the old drugstores, but the vintage decor delivers the same Americana nostalgic hometown feel.

Tookies quickly became a favorite eating and gathering destination with locals from Houston to Galveston and the towns in between for 33 years until September 13, 2008 when the Hurricane Ike storm surge deposited 5 feet of Galveston Bay water inside.  After major renovation efforts Tookies reopened recapturing that same original vintage decor and hometown ambience but larger and with some added improvements like the updated modern kitchen, a full bar, larger restrooms and a dining patio.

So now you know a bit about the history of Tookies and how it came to get its name, but what about the food and drink?   In 2008 after a gentleman traveled our great land searching out the places serving up the best burger in America based both on word of mouth plus his personal experience, he published a book with his final results.  Tookies is right there, one of the eight he named in all of Texas.  

The same unique burger recipes that earned Tookies a spot in that book are still on our menu today, all prepared with beef patties made fresh daily.  A great many of our diners prefer one of our several specialty burgers like the Squealer, the Champion or the Bean Burger but we also offer the plain old fashion burger.  We are not limited to just burgers either.  To check out all our meal offerings, our scrumptious appetizers and our kids menu selections, be sure to visit our complete menu on this site.


406 Texas Ave
Kemah, TX 77565


Phone: 281.942.9334


406 Texas Ave
Kemah, TX 77565


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Phone: 281.942.9334
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